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Inside Aged Care is a critical analysis of Australia's aged care system illustrating why the system is failing and exposing flaws so that as a community, we can work towards addressing the problems and have something we all want and which will work. We need to look in-depth, from multiple points of view and importantly, we need to come up with proposals for change.

I have a medical background and have been tracking and commenting on the marketisation and corporatisation of health and aged care for 25 years and have made submissions to inquiries urging that the management of aged care be decentralised and moved to local regions, where local communities should be given an important and controlling role.

I invite you to look at the issues raised on this website and then contribute to the analysis by looking at the arguments and then submit your ideas for discussion.

~ Michael Wynne

About Inside Aged Care

Why I created the Inside Aged Care website

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Introduction to analysis

Background about the issues, the website, and who I am

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Analysis of aged care

A detailed analysis of 19 years of aged care

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Please note: The first four sections of Aged Care Analysis are published and the remaining sections will be made available as soon as possible.